How They Voted

House Bill 5385, Expand drunk driving provisions to include illegal drugs: Passed 101 to 8 in the House

To expand the law that requires a person stopped for drunk driving to take a breathalyzer or field sobriety test so that it also applies to suspected driving while drugged. The bill would not authorize the use of a roadside saliva test, which is considered unproven.

Rep. Edward McBroom, R – Vulcan, Yes

House Bill 5168, Facilitate DARTA operating Woodward streetcar: Passed 82 to 26 in the House

To authorize the Detroit area regional transportation authority created by a 2012 law to enter agreements to operate a potential Woodward Avenue streetcar in Detroit. The bill would exempt this project from a provision requiring unanimous action by the DARTA board for any form of rail passenger service, and specify that Detroit and Wayne County would be responsible for covering the line’s operating deficits (and not other communities in the RTA).

Rep. Edward McBroom, R – Vulcan, No

Senate Bill 49, Make government firearms ownership databases non-public information: Passed 80 to 28 in the House

To establish that state databases containing information on licenses issued to individuals to purchase, carry, possess, or transport pistols are confidential and not subject to disclosure under the state Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The bill was introduced after a New York newspaper published the names and addresses of gun owners it acquired from a state database (since then New York has also banned releasing this information).

Rep. Edward McBroom, R – Vulcan, Yes

House Bill 5558, Clarify legal basis for insurance lawsuits: Passed 57 to 49 in the House

To clarify that a prohibition of “unfair practices” lawsuits against insurance companies under the state Consumer Protection Act (rather than the state’s Insurance Code) applies even if the cause of action occurred before a 2001 law was enacted specifying that industries like insurance which are already subject to a comprehensive state regulatory regime are not covered by the Consumer Protection Act. Lawsuits that have already been filed could still proceed, however.

Rep. Edward McBroom, R – Vulcan, Yes

House Bill 4998, Appoint “entrepreneurs-in-residence” at Michigan Strategic Fund: Passed 85 to 24 in the House

To require the state agency in charge of granting selective tax breaks and subsidies to particular corporations and developers to appoint up to 10 “entrepreneurs-in-residence” to help the agency market itself and increase the efficiency of its operations.

Rep. Edward McBroom, R – Vulcan, No

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