Children and computer access


Today, kids have access; at their whim to anything that meets their desires.

Fueling these adrenaline rushes are videos of violence. Scenes of which they are not mentally equipped to handle.

Giving your child free reign to their bedroom computer gives them power and isolation to fantasies beyond reality.

Adults have (warning signals), perceptions to guard their defenses. Children do not!

Their interpretations processes have not developed as of yet. Everything they see, hear and feel is like a sponge; soaking up all data. Sorting this out is where reality and fiction comes into play. Fun and games are their preferred youth addictions.

A “get away from it all” like adults refer to as a vacation. A time to explore new dimensions in life.

A computer in your child’s bedroom is like letting a 45-year-old criminal into their privacy; silently ready to prey on its next victim.

Turning it on opens up his psychotic marvels. Enticing in his theories and fantasies, ravaging their innocence and their free will.

I say, “wake up people!” Your child is at risk. His or her very life is in danger. Don’t let some sick pervert envelope their mind, heart and soul.

Stay vigilant to their activities and downtime. Do not accept the words “I’m okay Mom and Dad.” Be a parent not their best friend.”

Valerie Destrampe