Father’s Day weekend, June 1967


Forty-seven years ago in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, there was a battle. Many men lost their lives.

It has bothered me every year at this time “Father’s Day.” It was suggested that I write my thoughts about this time in my life.

Some of the men who died that weekend were single and never had the opportunity to get married, have children and experience the joy of being a father. Some were married with no children. Some had children but could not raise them as God intended. All because their lives ended during that battle. Some like myself lived through this time. I had two children at this time. I know I made it hard on my family during those years after Vietnam, as did others who made it through that terrible time of their lives.

Being a father and husband was not easy, as it was very difficult just trying to figure out why you made it and others did not. Wanting it to be you in place of someone else. This is called guilt.

Some of the men who made it home had children. Because of trauma they did not live together or even talk to each other or know grandchildren throughout their lives.

Some have had supportive families and lived what we would call healthy lives.

My father who has past away now wrote me a letter when I was 25 years old and told me for the first time that he loved me. I did not keep the letter but I kept the memory.

In closing my thoughts, I pray that all fathers and children no matter hat age or circumstances in life, will love each other not only on Father’s Day but throughout life. So tell each other now that “I Love You” dad or son or daughter. It will mean more than you realize.

William Isetts