Remember When?

Photo courtesy of Lorraine Gardner

Students in kindergarten through sixth-grade at the Carroll School near Carroll’s Corner in Gladstone are pictured in this photograph taken in February 1951 and furnished for publication by Lorraine Gardner, who was one of the students at the school. She has identified the students as follows: first row, LeRoy Rappette, Richard Solis, Leonard Solis, Donald Parrott, Barbara Getzloff, Shirley Johnson, Darlene Parrott, Victor Corwin, and Glenn LaValley; second row, Gloria Charles, Viola McGuigan, Patsy Ketcham, Geraldine Homernik, Sharon Thompson, Roderick Johnson, Ed Scott, John “Pruner” King, and Bernice Solis; third row, Wanda Ketcham, Harold Corwin, Ed Ketcham, Lorraine Gardner, Margaret McGuigan, and Robert Ketcham; fourth row, Ellen Young, Thomas McGuigan, OraLee Thompson, Barbara Gustafson, Marie Solis and Norma Hagman. The teacher is Mrs. Edward Hakes Sr., who was a resident of Wilson.