Hire Delta County contractors


I love animals! That’s why I appreciate all the hard work done by the Delta County Animal Shelter to care for unwanted, uncared for, and lost animals. Their concern is commendable. Especially the no kill policy. Statistics are given with pride on the number of animals adopted. An admirable accomplishment. Many contributions are solicited from and made by this community.

The one problem I have with the Delta County Animal Shelter, is the decision by the board of the Directors to hire a contractor to build their new facility from Schoolcraft County. Namely Olsen and Olsen of Manistique. I wonder how many contributions the people of Manistique and Schoolcraft County made to the Delta County Animal Shelter? I wonder how many people from Manistique and Schoolcraft County will make use of the new Delta County Animal Shelter facility?

It seems to me contributions made by the good people of this community, Escanaba and Delta County, should be spent in this community, Escanaba and Delta County. Giving back to the people that have made this new facility possible by their contributions. How much more admirable to put money back into the community that supports you.

ractors here in Escanaba or Delta County?

Corine Cummings