A troubling picture


The news is troubling, at the least. It can prompt a deeper look at the culture, especially at the Middle East, which has us in its clutches of reaching our very souls. The sad fact is that it is useless for democratic nations to be torn apart by the reality of it all. As long as nations are going to continue to brainwash their citizens, young and old, in some form of hatred, in some nations, of America and etc. You can’t change what is. Unless the governments drop their old hatreds, good will can’t prevail.

We are sought after for one reason only – money. For a few bucks, they will keep the “peace.” Nothing else matters. Their hatreds are too ingrained. Sad but true.

Fo our “political” leaders to buy into it all is sheer insanity. To bomb and kill is a useless waste of money and effort. However, we need to have political leaders who are genuinely interested in the status quo, to fake your way through presidency is not the way to go.

A president has to work with his Congress and military experts to keep things from spiraling completely out of control. You don’t change the world by just hiding from issues, or ignoring what is in the world. We have to work with all the cultures of the world or, don’t be a leader.

If you are unable to work together with our elected representatives in the running of the government, don’t run for office. To win the office of President doesn’t mean to let the position do your work for you.

The running of the government should have nothing to do with “Politics.” Issues travel through the House and the Senate. All sides of issues should be debated and voted upon, based on facts, rather than partisanship. Presidents have to get off the plane and get to the desk. All or most Americans like plane rides, but have to stay home and work.

The world looks to America for hope, and maybe inspiration, whether we like it or not. Our leaders shouldn’t have to talk about America; their actions should reflect how much they love America and are proud of it.

Mary Snyder

Ford River