Local businesses contest property values

ESCANABA – Six businesses in Delta County have submitted petitions to the state to have their 2014 property values lowered, according to the Michigan Tax Tribunal website.

The requests total more than $36 million in property value adjustments which would result in lower tax revenues being generated for respective municipalities.

Filing for relief from property taxes is a right of property owners. If a property assessment dispute cannot be settled at the local level – such as with a township or city board of review – the landowner has the right to dispute a property valuation during a hearing with the state tax tribunal.

Six local businesses are on the state tax tribunal docket regarding 2014 property assessments, according to the state website.

Escanaba Paper Company, located in Wells Township, is asking the tax tribunal to consider reducing it’s property true cash value of $40 million to $11.5 million, a difference of $28.5 million.

Menard Inc., in Escanaba, is disputing its 2014 property assessment of $8.4 million should be lowered to $3.4 million, a difference of $5 million. (See related story.)

OMYA, which purchased land to build a chemical plant on NewPage property in Wells Township, is requesting its $2.2 million assessment be valued at $200,000, lowering its 2014 property valuation by $2 million.

Autozone, in Escanaba, has petitioned the state to lower its $536,910 property assessment to $300,000, a $236,910 difference.

Hudson’s, in Escanaba, currently valued at $550,900, is requesting its true cash value be lowered to $400,000, a difference of $150,900.

The sixth Delta County business filing for a property assessment reduction is Bayview Motel, assessed at $420,000. The business located in Wells Township is requesting its true cash value be lowered to $268,000, a difference of $152,000.

This year, Walgreen’s, in Escanaba, has asked the state tax tribunal to review its property assessments for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The business is seeking a reduction and refund of $93,500 in its past property values because of clerical errors and misreported personal property.

Each of the above petitions can be viewed on the state’s website at www.michigan.gov/taxtrib/.

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