How They Voted

This report contains more votes from the very active final week of legislative sessions ending June 13, before an extended summer break.

Senate Bill 853, Ban automated eyeglass “kiosks”: Passed 108 to 2 in the House

To prohibit automated testing devices that provide eye exams and issue prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses. Instead, only licensed optometrists and physicians specializing in eye care could write eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions. This would preempt eyeglass “kiosks” in drugstores and other retail locations, which are reportedly a lower cost alternative to conventional optometry services and are available in some states.

Rep. Edward McBroom, R – Vulcan, Yes

Senate Bill 872, Reduce regulatory obstacles to developing stamp-sand property: Passed 67 to 43 in the House

To establish that property where “stamp sands” have been deposited is not subject to state environmental law restrictions unless the sands contain hazardous substances that exceed the allowable levels for unrestricted residential use. “Stamp sands” are finely grained crushed rock resulting from copper ore processing and are not uncommon in the Keweenaw region.

Rep. Edward McBroom, R – Vulcan, Yes

House Bill 4534, Mandate background checks for animal adoption: Passed 98 to 12 in the House

To mandate that animal shelters run background checks for animal abuse offenses on individuals wanting to adopt an animal, using an Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) maintained by the State Police.

Rep. Edward McBroom, R – Vulcan, No

House Bill 4874, Limit protectionist local septic facility mandates: Passed 69 to 41 in the House

To restrict a local government’s ability to mandate that septic tank servicers may only dispose of customers’ waste in a facility whose “territory” is deemed to include those customers’ property. This is said to protect a heavily indebted government facility in Grand Traverse County from losing business to less costly facilities. The bill would also limit local government rulemaking on applying septage waste to land.

Rep. Edward McBroom, R – Vulcan, Yes

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