Stop the pilfering and get serious


Gladstone tax bills going up” was not a surprise. It needed to be done. And it wouldn’t be a surprise if they asked for more in November – it too will be needed.

The commission has a list. Great. So do I. Don’t we all. Yet in Gladstone they want what they want when they want it and its always to the tune of “We Don’t Have Any Money!” Amazing is Commissioner Gay using the word “pilfer” when talking about future spending/earmarking tax dollars. Now he knows how I feel.

So may I suggest the commissioner stop the pilfering and get serious. Use the word “invest” instead of pilfer, and get together with key people in city business, education, community – the movers and shakers – those who know what investment means and put together a list of businesses you would see in a Lake Michigan shore-side quaint little town. Not Big Box, but Big Business, that other entrepreneurs build around to encourage year-round tourism (the little fudge shoppes, the Italian scooter rental, local art gallery). And then recruit. Actively recruit like an obsessed coach building a winning team. Gladstone has five recruiters not doing the job.

No one is knocking down the door now are they? No groundbreakings in Gladstone. So you have to take the door off the hinges. Don’t ask why it doesn’t happen here, make it happen.

That is something I may consider investing in when you ask for my vote on a millage. That is the investment for the future you want to make – not pilfering.”

Dorothy Bielik,