We are worth celebrating


“Isn’t our town lovely this time of year? Isn’t it worth what we waited for through the long winter and absent spring? Isn’t it nice to have no snow or ice underfoot? We should be happy.

School ended; great teachers retired; learning to be great teachers have been hired. All is right with the world.

We can only hope. It is unfortunate that through all of these beautiful changes in the seasons, mankind in some parts of the world refuse to enjoy the life given to everyone that is, those who choose hatred rather than peace and love.

Ancient tribal existence seems like such a desperate way to live. Is this the only way to survive? Hasn’t there been something more positive in the last 2,500 years?

Christian countries like America, with its diversified citizenry, at least can begin new days with positive plans and dreams. Tribal countries may face a gun barrel, depending on who is ‘in charge’ and who is killing who. No wonder parents in other parts of the world with similar problems, want to send their innocent children to America. Who can blame them? They may need care, but for the most part, don’t pose a threat to our safety. If we do things right, they won’t, in the future. America has been known to walk away from situations, when the need is greatest. There are enough volunteers in this country to help with the newly arrived children. We spend more money on pet food than we could ever spend on the children.

America needs a USO to make us feel good. We are Media Mad; just plain tired of it all. We need to revive for the 4th of July in our lovely town… We are worth celebrating.

Mary Snyder

Ford River