We live in a beautiful community


“We endured a long, hard winter and are presently enduring an unusual amount of rainfall, in our area. But the silver lining in our town, is our beautifully carpeted park. It is as if a “wall to wall carpet” has been installed beginning at each entrance to the park and as far as the eye can see.

The groomers of the park are to be commended for the perfected result of their work. The grounds are so beautiful, without the parched areas of some summer seasons.

Peoples’ lawns are truly green. We have much to be proud of, in our very clean and beautiful town. The visual of the park has to be good for our souls.

And to think of other countries, who have scraped and built their small abysses for themselves are having them bombed and destroyed because of lifelong hatreds for each others cultures, boundaries or whatever the reason!

We here, at Ludington Park, can look around and be thankful that our own hard earned money is spent on something of beauty, for our own and everyones’ good!

Our town, with its beautiful park, reflects the truly American way.

Mary Snyder

Ford River