Remember When?

Photo courtesy of Karl Bosk

Two longtime friends met up with each other during the Korean War in late June 1953. At left is Sgt. William J. Bosk and friend, PFC Harold “Bud” Irving. Irving said he and Bosk were serving in the Army but not in the same unit. When he learned about Bosk, who was a cook and working away from the enemy lines, he took a “cook’s jeep” and went to see him. Bosk prepared him a steak and let him take a shower (his first in weeks) in the company tent. He was also provided with clean clothing. “I felt like a new recruit!” Irving said. He was wounded in action a few days later on July 4, 1953, and returned to the U.S. for treatment. The pair didn’t meet up with each other again until after they were discharged.