Hord rides to runner-up

BARK RIVER – It was a big day for a father-son combo Saturday during the 39th Annual Bark River 100 Off-Road Races as they stood on top of the podium following the day’s last two events.

John Greaves of Abrams, Wis. captured top honors in the Pro 4-Wheel Drive race, shortly after his son C.J. took the checkered flag in the Pro 2-Wheel Drive event.

Saturday’s victories provided additional breathing room for both drivers, who lead their respective divisions in the TORC Series and completed a weekend sweep by winning again on Sunday.

John Greaves grabbed the lead from Scott Douglas of El Cajon, Calif. in the third lap of Saturday’s finale.

Douglas remained within striking distance, but was unable to regain the lead and settled for runner-up honors. Russ Hoek of downstate Holland placed third.

“I started about fourth or fifth, then found a good line and did all my passing on the cemetery hill,” said John. “He (Douglas) definitely picked up the pace this weekend. I thought the Bark River Lions Club did a great job maintaining the track. They did an excellent job watering it down between races, which helped keep the dust down.”

The victory in Pro 2 marked the third visit to the podium for C.J. Greaves, who earlier placed second in Super Stock Truck and Pro Light.

“I just didn’t make any mistakes,” said C.J., who led most of the Pro 2 race. “I wanted to stay in the points lead and set the tone for the weekend. It’s always good to have the lead at the halfway point, although it almost hurts you in a way. It does give you a little better starting position (after the competition yellow). But when you’re behind, you get to see what the other drivers are doing.

“This was a good day for our family. We’re all excited as a team. We work together as a team and make the best of it.”

Chad Hord of Felch was runner-up in Pro 2. Jeff Kincaid of Argonne, Wis., who was last among nine drivers following a mishap early in the race, recovered in plenty of time to place third.

“It’s fun to watch C.J. and Chad because they’re so even,” said John Greaves. “These two guys respect each other and race each other clean.”

Saturday’s runner-up finish in combination with his third place finish Sunday, enabled Hord to maintain second in the point standings.

“I had some opportunities,” said Hord. “I just couldn’t pull it off. Everytime I got close, I’d make a couple mistakes and C.J. would pull away a little. Then, Jeff got right in it at the end. I put it (vehicle) on two wheels for a moment (in the second half of the race) and he gained quite a bit of ground. After that, I just try to set it back down as quick as I could.”

Brad Erickson of Bark River reached the podium Saturday by placing third in 1600 Buggy.

Jeff Villemure of downstate Silver Lake won and Brett Fraley of Las Vegas, Nev., who overtook Erickson in the ninth lap, was runner-up.

Mark Steinhardt of Rhinelander, Wis., the point standings leader, settled for fourth this time.

“This was a good points day for us because we gained a couple points on Steinhardt,” said Erickson. “The track is in real nice shape. Only, we had a few issues with the brakes in the end. I think the car ran good in the first half of the race. But in the second half the motor would start to tighten up, then it would loosen up again. At times, we seemed to lose power.”

Mitch Dorr of Rockford, Ill. broke away in the final 1 1/2 laps, suring to victory in Super Stock Truck.

C.J. Greaves emerged as runner-up and Don Demeny of Abrams placed third in a race which seven were in contention for the top spot prior to Dorr’s late push.

“I don’t even remember what happened out there,” said Dorr. “I’ll have to watch the video. I just wanted to be patient and let the race come to me.”

The victory enabled Dorr to take over the points lead he previously shared with Demeny.

In Pro Light, Keegan Kincaid of Argonne continued his winning ways by taking Saturday’s race and following up with his fifth straight triumph on Sunday.

Several other races also took place on Saturday. Results on those, however, weren’t made available.