User relies in DATA bus service


I would just like to say as a DATA bus customer I don’t know where I would be without them. I have a disabled daughter who uses it to get out into the community a couple times a week with her aide which gives her a little independence and me a break.

And by break I mean time to take care of my elderly parents of which one is in a nursing home.

The DATA bus provides service for those who otherwise might not get out because their loved ones cannot transport them if they’re wheelchair bound, to maybe go out to lunch or shopping so they can still have some self-worth. I’m sure we all have an elderly parent who might benefit by this whether they’re at home or in a nursing home or assisted living, when they can no longer drive due to an eye impairment or other physical disability broken leg or arm etc. and needed to get to an appointment and couldn’t depend on family, friend, or neighbor.

The DATA bus would be there, so please vote yes on the DATA bus proposal for all concerned, thank you.

Patricia and Natalie