Stupak gets support


I’m for Trent Stupak. This is why I’m supporting Trent Stupak for district judge.

When a volunteer to the government authorized Cormorant Control Program that I am in charge of, wrongfully received a citation from a DNR officer for an alleged violation while conducting lawful cormorant control, I contacted the Stupak Law Office.

Trent Stupak stepped up and represented our volunteer pro bono. The case proceeded to a Delta County jury trial, and Trent Stupak did a great job and the man was found not guilty. The jury came to the correct conclusion, as the volunteer was only acting at the direction of USDA/Wildlife Services as a designated agent who had been trained to use lawful controls to move the destructive cormorants away from our fish population and to protect our natural resources in the Bays de Noc.

Trent Stupak showed he is for justice for our sportsman and sportswoman.

I urge all sportsman and sportswomen to vote for Trent Stupak in the upcoming primary election on Aug. 5.

Charles D. Westerberg