Endorsements for district judge


Along with many others, I am supporting Steve Parks for the next 94th District Court judge because of his outstanding 32 years of legal experience, integrity, common sense, and dedication to the Delta County community. Recently, in endorsing Steve Parks for Delta County District Court judge, Honorable Houghton County District Court Judge Mark Wisti wrote, in part:

“I think that the endorsement of his peers is the most clear cut reason to vote for Mr. Parks. If the voters were to choose the chief surgeon at the local hospital, wouldn’t it be important to know who the other doctors thought was most qualified? Mr. Parks is a person of intelligence and honesty, and would make an outstanding district judge.”

Judge Wisti, 16 respected and experienced Delta County attorneys and retired District Court Judge Robert DeGrand believe Steve is the most qualified candidate for Delta County District Court judge. Trust their judgment.

This endorsement from Judge Wisti, and testimonials from other attorneys are on the Parks for Judge website (www.parksforjudge.org).

Tom Davis