Support for judge candidate


Steve Parks will make a great district judge for a number of reasons. First is experience. When I read the Daily Press article, “District judge candidates speak out,” I was struck by the fact that Steve has more legal experience than both of the other candidates combined.

However, there are several other reasons. I met Steve eight years ago when I was the general education director at Delta-Schoolcraft ISD and director of a Safe Schools/Healthy Students’ grant. As the county prosecuting attorney, Steve had seen an increase in crimes related to prescription drug abuse. People were dying from drug overdoses including our high school students. Steve was a founding member of the Prescription Drug Abuse Coalition. For the last seven years the coalition partnered with the ISD and other organizations to sponsor video and poster competitions designed to educate students and families about substance abuse and violence prevention.

During the last eight years I have been impressed with the in-depth research Steve has done related to substance abuse and how hard he has worked on this issue. I have also been impressed with how fairly he treats people and his understanding that as a community we need to look at prevention and education.

According to the Daily Press article, “The three judge candidates agreed on several issues including the serious drug problem in the county and the need for a drug court within the court system.”

The difference between the candidates is that Steve Parks has already been working tirelessly to directly address the problem of substance abuse.

A mother living in Philadelphia, whose son died of an accidental prescription drug overdose, had seen an article about our anti-drug contest. In 2009 she wrote to the Daily Press. “I contacted Delta County Prosecuting Attorney Steve Parks for more information… Steve offered to share everything the group has developed. With Steve’s help, we have been able to facilitate our mission. Delta County has given other communities across the nation a model to begin fighting this epidemic… Our relationship with concerned citizens in Delta County enabled our community to focus on getting the message out in ways that are highly effective. We cannot thank Steve, the Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse, and the other participating groups for the jump start they have given us.”

Although there have been many people and organizations involved in this Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention program, I think everyone would agree that Steve was the person who made it happen. This is just one example of why Steve Parks will make a great judge.

Kristine Paulsen

Bark River