Abuse of the taxpayers


The recent narrowly passed millage for the Delta Area Transit Authority is just another abuse to our taxpayers. When you add the yes votes compared to the no votes for Escanaba and Wells Townships the margin of victory was 10 voters. When you consider the special interest voters who are on the DATA taxpayer feedbag, including their suppliers, the issue should be defeated. This is equivalent to the voting on your own wage increase and guaranteed jobs.

Ohio is considering legislation that taxpayer money issues would only be allowed on November elections and considering once a levy has failed, similar levels cannot be put back on the ballot. Tax levies are out-of-control as they are allowed to come back multiple times per year and prey on low voter turnout election dates. It cost thousands for special elections while hoping people are on vacation or bad weather to keep people from the polls while making sure their special interest vote. Request to our local representative for similar legislation has fallen on deaf ears.

John Stapleton claims he ran the election in Wells due to supporters of the election where he lost. Well he must not have talked to all the people he represents in Wells or he would have won. No needs to mean ‘NO’ when a similar levy was beaten. There should be a minimum of registered voters, such as at least 30 percent, before an election is considered valid. Less than 30 percent means a majority of the registered voters were not aware DATA types are taking another loan on their property for future years. All ballots should be mailed to every registered voter with a return envelope with 60 percent needed for a valid election. This extortion must stop. The ‘DATA Proposal’ ran again and passed should be vetoed out including an apology from DATA to the taxpayers for deceiving the majority of taxpayers.

Our representatives need to put into place a law to exclude issues that have already been voted on within prior ballots not returned to ballot. I called Ed Mcbroom a while back, he said ‘he was going to look into a certain percentage turn out at the polls for something to pass’ and he never called back – who is representing who?”

Disgusted voter,

Tim Caron