Don’t misrepresent us


What does Hollywood have to do with out presidential elections? What makes actors/actresses experts on foreign policy and military affairs? It is all so nauseating and insulting to our American electorate.

Our elected leader has to have, first of all, leadership abilities and should be known enough by his peers to have such qualities. You can’t imagine the leader of the free world will have basic American values. You can’t have a president, who like an errant husband, wants to speak for his wife. He should not misrepresent us with his own fears and irregularities, making them sound like they are our opinions or wishes. Most Americans today are 10 jumps ahead of our president in terms of where they stand.

Since people first organized into towns and villages, a government has been formed along with a military department which oversaw the safety and direction of that safety. This leader would work with this military department to see that there was order and stability. You didn’t check with Hollywood. You listened to and worked with your military to make decisions and keep order! It is not acceptable for a president to meet once a year, if that with leaders of departments to look to solving problems.

One wonders if this president works with his own imagination, or with his electorate. We aren’t looking at a “new” war in Iraq; the other one wasn’t finished yet. We do not need a president misleading us and the world, as to how we think about important issues like getting slaughtered by lunatics in Iraq. Has he communicated with his generals since getting elected?

To be president does not mean you become an expert military man, or, expert environmentalist, economist, etc. You certainly don’t have for a mentor, an Iranian sympathizer. Where is Ronald Reagan, our patriot, when you need him?

Our process of elections, primaries, etc., needs to be looked at. A slip of the tongue during a so called presidential debate shouldn’t determine the outcome of the election. Being a good debater does not make a good leader. Being able to raise money from who knows where, does not make a good president. American has a wealth of young, educated, patriotic Americans who would make you a good presidential candidate. The political coverall should be discarded at the swearing in of the new president. There is too much deceit in the pocket of the coverall to enter the White House door.

Mary Snyder

Ford River