Why the hike in gas prices?


For the past couple of weeks the price of gas has been steady at $3.48. A couple of times, one place tried raising it and then it came right back down because none of the other stations went along. This morning, Aug. 11, the price jumped 16 cents. What happened? The U.P. State Fair starts today. Thousands of people from out of town will be forced to buy. It happens every year. Why complain? Because maybe someday our elected officials will look out for their constituents.

I’m sure that there is probably a refinery that has been taken off-line, or there was a pipeline that leaked, or a refinery fire somewhere. However, Gladstone prices did not jump. Manistique was the same price as Escanaba today. It is normally 7 to 10 cents higher.

I contacted the Michigan attorney general. By Sunday or Monday the prices will probably come back down. There are laws against price-gouging. Nothing usually happens.

Tom Grant