We are a representative republic


In response to Dorothy Bielik’s letter “No Chickens in the City:”

Ms. Bielik, I appreciate your concern for my level of education on the topic of democracy as well as your concern for the “grass roots basics of my job.” I would like to remind you that we, in fact, do not live in a true democracy, we actually live in a representative republic. That being said, “Democracy 101” would not be applicable to our form of government (contrary to what some believe).

I am certain you are referring to my comments regarding “majority rules” being nothing more than “two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” That, in fact, is a Benjamin Franklin quote. Considering Ole Ben had quite the role in founding this form of government I think I’ll side with him.

Majority Rules = No Civil Rights Act, Majority Rules = No Brown vs Board of Education, Majority Rules = No Suffrage for Women and on and on. Some of the greatest accomplishments in this country would not have happened with “Majority Rules” AKA “Mob Rule.”

As for the survey, if you watched the commission meeting you would have heard that people who did not live in the city were able to vote, and we have no way of knowing which way they voted. Knowing this I give no credibility to the survey. What I do know is that the seats were full at the last meeting in support of a reasonable chicken ordinance.

What I find interesting is that with all of the major challenges facing the City of Gladstone, we are talking about chickens. We have a significant problem, lack of growth, we will never fix that problem by being dismissive to new ideas and/or overly burdensome when it comes to regulation. Again, if these other cities can do it successfully…so can we.

Matthew Gay