Two thumbs up for St. Francis


On Aug. 15 I had occasion to use the St. Francis Walk In Clinic in Escanaba. From the time I arrived until the time I left, I was most impressed with the friendly, professional people that I met and the care I received.

When I arrived at the lab, it was quite busy, so the receptionist called x-ray to see if they could accommodate me there first, decreasing my wait time. It was a short time later that I returned to the lab and I was immediately taken care of. I feel that the people I came in contact with, especially Aleah Sisitki, PA, made every effort to insure me that I had a positive experience.

In addition, all of the people that we met in the hospital corridors were friendly and spoke to me and my husband.

Accolades to St. Francis!

Betsy MacDonald

Retired RN

Port Charlotte, Fla.