Turbines impact neighbors


I don’t object to people doing what they want to do with their own property, as long as it doesn’t negatively effect the health and welfare of their neighbors.

Regarding the wind turbines, aesthetically I don’t object to them individually, and they do provide information regarding wind direction, so you don’t have to wet your finger. Unfortunately, however, they do effect the health and welfare of their neighbors, i.e. the noise, strobing effect, reduction in property values, potential underground water disturbance, dangerous winter ice throw, wildlife kill, and attract carnivores in search of the wildlife kill.

I am sorry the lessors (property owners) signed such poor leases and didn’t consult attorneys or other turbine companies. It is apparent to me that the lessors have little regard for their neighbors and community.

It is also unfortunate that the community at large gains nothing in return for this invasion.

M. Melissa Smith

Fairbanks Township