EMP develops AC Condenser

ESCANABA – In collaboration with Walmart, Engineered Machined Products, Inc. (EMP) has completed development and field pilots of an innovative remote mount AC Condenser. Field testing has shown fuel economy improvement and reduced emissions in the range 2 to 6 percent depending on duty cycle.

Utilizing advanced thermal management technology, EMP’s remote mount AC Condenser is relocated from its traditional location in front of the radiator and charge air cooler (CAC) to a location behind the cab where an electric fan and condenser are installed.

“We’re already experiencing positive feedback from our Walmart pilot program,” noted Bob Vardigan, vice president of sales for EMP. He added, “the advantage of the EMP advanced remote mount AC Condenser is not only in the design of the components, but the integration of the entire system, which serves to maximize performance. This application enables our customers to realize a high quality, cost-effective solution that improved fuel economy while reducing operational costs.”

The Walmart program involved prototyping, engineering, and installing field pilots. This included baseline tests of the conventional system, calorimeter testing, software validation, and data analysis of Walmart’s own road and track testing.

“At Walmart we are always looking for opportunities to reduce operational costs in a safe way, while improving the overall performance of our fleet. We believe our collaboration with EMP on the advanced remote mount AC Condenser will help us achieve that goal,” said Jeff Byrne, Walmart’s Senior director fleet purchasing and maintenance fleet services.

EMP is a leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced thermal management and oil management components for on-highway, off-highway, military and specialty markets.