Players de Noc: 50 years of fun


Wonderful memories and yes, unending fun. In 1980 I lost my dear husband and I was in a sort of depression (you understand when you, lose a loved one, I am sure), well my two daughters who were Player de Noc actresses, encouraged, begged, dragged me, protesting, to try out for a part in “Our Town.” Well, lo and behold I did get a part of a dead woman in the cemetery and I had one line. But everyone at Players literally enfolded me in love and caring and made me feel great!

The next play was “God’s Favorite,” which was a modern day story of the Biblical Job. I got the female lead, as the wife of the great and remembered player, Dick Hansen. The write up in the press mentioned my portrayal as typical Mrs. Howell from Gilligan’s Island, which was a great compliment. Our twins in the play were played by my daughter, Sheila Olson and Barry Ness and they were married a few years later.

Like I said, Players de Noc is an excellent way to get out in the public after a sorrow or a change in life or whatever. Getting a part in a play or working behind lines, doing costumes or whatever is rewarding all in itself. By the way, in “God’s Favorite,” Job and I had a beautiful lovely home with many steps etc., and if you remember the Biblical story, Job lost everything, including the home “burning” down, losing his business, his health, etc. The behind the scenes, people carried out that changing scene every evening and did a great job. Of course, I kept my few jewels and fur coat throughout the play! (Remember Mrs. Howell).

In 1980, I was the secretary at the Immanuel Lutheran Church and needed a full time job. I got a job as secretary with the Electric Department for the City of Escanaba, so I needed more time at home. Even then, I was lucky to get parts in four more plays, a great part of my life! Please go to the Bonifas Fine Art Center and view the

great display of 50 years of plays.

Thanks Players for the Memories and the fun

Joyce (Olson) Kasemodel